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An example of a Chrysopidae




The Green Lacewings (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae) of Papua Indonesia

by Willem Hogenes

The distribution of most species is insufficiently known. Therefore the species list below consists of New Guinea species in general (including those from Papua New Guinea). Species listed in grey are not (yet) found in Papua Indonesia or the exact locality is unknown, though some may be discovered in the Indonesian part of New Guinea in the near future too.

Listed New Guinea species: 19


Nobilinus Navás, 1913

albardae (MacLachlan, 1875)
ssp. phantoma (Gerstaecker, 1894)


tribus Ankylopterygini

Ankylopteryx Brauer, 1864

scioneura Navás, 1924

Semachrysa Brooks, 1983

dammermanni (Esben-Petersen, 1929)

papuensis Brooks, 1983

wallacei Brooks, 1983

tribus Belonopterygini

Italochrysa Principi, 1946

aequalis (Walker, 1853)

froggatti (Esben-Petersen, 1914)

jubilaris (Navás, 1925)

tribus Chrysopini

Austrochrysa Esben-Petersen, 1928

loriana (Navás, 1929)

Chrysopa Leach, 1815 s.l.

adnexa Navás, 1929

beccarii Navás, 1929

caprae Navás, 1929

gestroi Navás, 1929

thieli Navás, 1929

Mallada Navás, [1925] (incl. Dichochrysa)

basalis (Walker, 1853)

nea (Navás, 1912)

signatus (Schneider, 1851)

Plesiochrysa Adams, 1982

ramburi (Schneider, 1851)

ruficeps (MacLachlan, 1875)


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