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The Dusty-wings (Neuroptera: Coniopterygidae) of Papua Indonesia

by Willem Hogenes

The distribution of most species is insufficiently known. Therefore the species list below consists of New Guinea species in general (including those from Papua New Guinea). Species listed in grey are not (yet) found in Papua Indonesia, though some may be discovered in this part of New Guinea in the near future too.

Listed New Guinea species: 30


Cryptoscenea Enderlein, 1914

novaeguineensis Meinander, 1972

Heteroconis Enderlein, 1905

allisoni New, 1988

amoena Tjeder, 1973

bifurcata Meinander, 1990

candida Tjeder, 1973

curvata Meinander, 1990

dahli Enderlein, 1906

enarotadiensis New, 1990

fenestrata New, 1990

flavicornuta Tjeder, 1973

fumipennis Tjeder, 1973

gagnei New, 1988

iriana Tjeder, 1973

kaindiensis New, 1990

kaitensis New, 1990

madangensis Meinander, 1990

pennyi Meinander, 1990

pioraensis New, 1990

spinosa New, 1990

striata New, 1990

toxopei Tjeder, 1973

umbrata New, 1990

wauenensis New, 1988

wilhelmensis New, 1990


Coniopteryx Curtis, 1834

ralumensis Enderlein, 1906

papuensis Meinander, 1990

biroi Enderlein, 1906

morobensis Meinander, 1990

Neosemidalis Enderlein, 1930

antennalis New, 1988

brevipennis Meinander, 1990


[last update on 25th February 2012]