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An example of a Hemerobiidae




The Brown Lacewings (Neuroptera: Hemerobiidae) of Papua Indonesia

by Willem Hogenes

The distribution of most species is insufficiently known. Therefore the species list below consists of New Guinea species in general (including those from Papua New Guinea). Species listed in grey are not (yet) found in Papua Indonesia, though some may be discovered in this part of New Guinea in the near future too.

Listed New Guinea species: 14


Hemerobius Linnaeus, 1758

kutsimensis New, 1989

morobensis New, 1989

Micromus Rambur, 1842

brandti New, 1989

lorianus (Navás, 1929)

timidus Hagen, 1853

Notobiella Banks, 1909

gressitti New, 1989

multifurcata Tillyard, 1916

sedlaceki New, 1989

viridis Tillyard, 1916

Psectra Hagen, 1866

franzeni (Kimmins, 1914)

latilobata New, 1989

oriomoense New, 1989

wilhelmense New, 1989

Zachobiella Banks, 1920

pallida Banks, 1939



[last update on 25th February 2012]