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Mantispidae at light in Mokwam (Arfak Mts.)




The Mantidflies (Neuroptera: Mantispidae) of Papua Indonesia

by Willem Hogenes

The distribution of most species is insufficiently known. Therefore the species list below consists of New Guinea species in general (including those from Papua New Guinea). Species listed in grey are not (yet) found in Papua Indonesia, though some may be discovered in this part of New Guinea in the near future too.

Listed New Guinea species: 11


Austromantispa Esben-Petersen, 1917

imbecilla (Gerstaecker, 1885)

Eumantispa Okamoto, 1910

araucariae Handschin, 1961

Mantispa Illiger, 1798

melanocera Navás, 1913

pasteuri Navás, 1909

radiata (Navás, 1914)

Necyla Navás, 1913

extrema Navás, 1914

leopoldi Navás, 1931

Stenomantispa Stitz, 1913

ilsae Stitz, 1913

reinhardi Stitz, 1913

Tuberonotha Handschin, 1961

strenua (Gerstaecker, 1893)

Xaviera Lambkin, 1986

manca (Gerstaecker, 1885)



[last update on 25th February 2012]