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The Osmylid Lacewings (Neuroptera: Osmylidae) of Papua Indonesia

by Willem Hogenes

The distribution of most species is insufficiently known. Therefore the species list below consists of New Guinea species in general (including those from Papua New Guinea). Species listed in grey are not (yet) found in Papua Indonesia, though some may be discovered in this part of New Guinea in the near future too.

Listed New Guinea species: 36


Spilosmylus Kolbe, 1897

amarillus New, 1988

analis New, 1988

araucariensis New, 1988

ateritriangulus New, 1986

basalis New, 1986

bernhardensis New, 1988

bimaculatus New, 1986

brandti New, 1986

cornutus New, 1988

elongatus New, 1988

fumosus New, 1988

fuscomaculatus New, 1988

gressitti New, 1986

griseofasciatus New, 1986

ismayi New, 1986

latipennatus New, 1986

leletensis New, 1986

lieftincki New, 1988

majalis Navás, 1924

misoolensis New, 1988

navasi New, 1988

nebulosus New, 1988

neobrittanicus New, 1986

obliquus New, 1986

pictus New, 1988

punctatus New, 1988

rattanensis New, 1988

reflexus New, 1988

sibilensis New, 1988

sigiensis New, 1988

sinuosus New, 1988

subtilis New, 1986

tjederi New, 1988

toxopeusi New, 1988

xavieri Navás, 1928

weiensis New, 1986


[last update on 25th February 2012]


New, T.R., 1988. Osmylidae (Insecta: Neuroptera) from Irian Jaya. Invertebrate Taxonomy 2: 805-839.