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The Hawkmoths (SPHINGIDAE, Macroglossinae) of Papua Indonesia

by Willem Hogenes


Daphnis moorei (MacLeay, 1866)

pallescens Butler, 1875
gigantea Röber, 1921




STATUS: A very common species, also outside New Guinea. Especially abundant in Northeast Papua. Recently this species is reviewed (Eitschberger & Melichar, 2010) and retained as valid species separate from D. hypothous (Cramer, 1780).

PAPUA LOCALITIES: Supiori Island: Nansfori; New Guinea: Abmisibil, Affi, Ampas, Andai, Asike, Bilogai, Borme, Depapre, Genyem, Lake Habbema, Ilaga, Jayapura, Kouh, Langda, Mabilabol, Mapi (Asmat District), Meja Reserve (Manokwari), Mokwam, Prafi, Senopi, Sentani, Sorong, Tami River, Tandia (Wandammen), Taritatu River, Ubrub (Keerom River), Walmak (Nipsan), Yuruf (Keerom River). Details in gazetteer.

EXTERNAL DISTRIBUTION: Moluccas, Papua New Guinea.

DATA SOURCES: KSP, RMNH, RMNH, Rob de Vos, Siep Sinnema. Literature (see below)








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