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The Prionine Longhorn Beetles (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae, Prioninae) of Papua Indonesia

by Gerrit Withaar (†)




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This page is under constant construction. This means that at any time new species can be added. Please check this page now and then for more information.

In Papua Indonesia the Prioninae are represented by 22 species

Species names which are coloured grey are recorded from New Guinea but no exact locality is known or at least not known from Papua Indonesia yet.


tribus Parandrini

Parandra Latreille, 1804

janus Bates, 1875

araucaria Gressitt, 1959


tribus Macrotomini

Agrianome Thomson, 1864

lorai Gestro, 1893

Archetypus Thomson, 1860

fulvipennis Pascoe, 1869
Analophus Waterhouse, 1877

niger Gahan, 1894

Clinopleurus Lansberge, 1884

arfakianus Lansberge, 1884
Gnathonyx Gahan, 1894
piceipennis Gahan, 1894

Cryptobelus Thomson, 1878

gestroi Thomson, 1878

Macrotoma Serville, 1832

ceramensis Lansberge, 1884

Olethrius Thomson, 1860

tyrannus Thomson, 1860

Omotages Pascoe, 1867

lacordairei Pascoe, 1867

Xaurus Pascoe, 1867

bennigseni Lameere, 1912

papuus Lansberge, 1884

Xixuthrus Thomson, 1864

granulipennis Komiya, 2000

helleri (Lameere, 1903)

lameerei Marazzi, Marazzi & Komiya, 2006

microcerus White, 1853
ssp. axis Thomson 1877


tribus Prionini

Osphryon Pascoe, 1869

adustus Pascoe, 1869

delahayei Voitsekhovskii, 2020

forbesi Gahan, 1869

hirticollis Gahan, 1894

spiniscapus Schwarzer, 1924

subitanus Gressitt, 1959



last updated on 5th July 2020



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