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The Papua Insects Foundation

The Papua Insects Foundation has the ambition, in cooperation with biology students in Papua Indonesia and entomologists, to do research at the insect fauna of Papua Indonesia to be able to recognize important and vulnerable areas of high biodiversity (hot spots). These so called biodiversity "hot spots" are in very high need of protection. By this way we hope to participate in the protection of the rainforests. Well known organisations like World Wildlife Fund and Conservation International already endeavour for protection of the tropical forests worldwide, but they are mainly focused on larger animals. The Papua Insects Foundation wants to provide these and other organisations with information on areas of endemism, biodiversity hot spots and faunistic and taxonomic information concerning the insects of Papua, to be stronger in the struggle for the protection of the rainforests in Papua.

We encourage and support local universities and biology students to participate in inventory and other research projects on insects.

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Evie Warikar and Rinto Mambrasar from UNCEN with Papua youth (Photo: Piet Zumkehr)

Aims of this website

As part of the Papua Insects Foundation, the aim of this website is to provide organisations, scientist, students, museums and everyone interested, with actual information on the taxonomics and faunistics of the insect fauna of Papua. This includes checklists with the latest nomenclatorial views, pictures of the species, distribution maps (compiled from information as far as known from literature and collections) and a list with relevant literature. If available we will also give information and photographs of the types.

Dying rainforest in Pass Valley, Jayawijaya (Photo: Rob de Vos, 1993)

Very important is to distinguish so called biodiversity hotspots, places or areas where the entomological fauna is of a very high species richness and is therefore of great importance to nature conservation. In order to actually recognize these hotspots it is necessary to inventorise the insect fauna and have a knowledge about the existance and identity of the species. The Papua Insect Foundation can be of help in this matter.

Information of some insects orders or families may not always be complete, due to uncertainties or simply because no (recent) work on these taxa is done yet. On the other hand, the taxa which are represented in detail on this website are recently thoroughly revised or studied and the information given is scientifically certified or at least expected to be so. The contributors of this website themselves are scientists or are in contact with specialists all over the world.

The board of The Papua Insects Foundation




Rob de Vos webmaster of this website and the chairman of the Foundation.











Siep Sinnema secretary of the Foundation.












Monica Guimaraes Cruz treasurer of the Foundation.










Piet Zumkehr member of the board of the Foundation.












Daawia Suhartwan (UNCEN, KSP-collection) is foreign member of the Foundation.











Evie Lily Warikar (UNCEN, KSP-collection) is foreign member of the Foundation.












Icka Ramandey (UNCEN), teacher, KSP curator











Erlani Febrida Rahareng (UNCEN), teacher










Entomology is our hobby and partly also our profession. In order to collect information we visited many private and museum collections, contacted other specialists, studied relevant literature and publish in scientific magazines.

We felt the need of making this and more information available to the public, because it is usually scattered in all kinds of magazines and collections, well known or not, or yet still unpublished. In some cases literature is hard to find or the existance and location of types is not stated. Whenever possible we present the information needed for further study. But we can also be a source of information for students and others interested in Papua. The pages on several areas in Papua are presented in about Papua and will give additional information which might be of your interest.

We are fortunate to be supported by other specialists, who contribute to this website with the information of their insect group. Only information of what we expect to be scientifically certified is recorded here.

If you have additional information, or if you are specialized in an insect group occuring in Papua which is not yet presented here, please do not hesitate to contact us and join our website. We will be happy to inform you about the conditions.