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The Blues (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae, Lycaeninae) of Papua Indonesia

by Stefan Schröder

Liphyra brassolis (Westwood, 1864)

ssp. robusta Felder & Felder, 1865







STATUS: A very rare species, which exhibits some crepuscular behaviour and may therefore easily be mistaken for a moth. In Papua the subspecies robusta Felder & Felder, 1865 occurs, but the specimens here depicted are from the Australian subspecies major Rothschild, 1898.

PAPUA LOCALITIES: New Guinea: Humboldt Bay, Okaba. Details in gazetteer.

EXTERNAL DISTRIBUTION: Widely distributed from India to northern Australia. Liphyra brassolis ssp. major Rothschild, 1898 is the Australian race, which also occurs in southern PNG (Sands & Fenner, 1978) and this name has previously been applied to the West Papuan race.

DATA SOURCES: RMNH. Literature (see below).







Rothschild, W., 1915. On the Lepidoptera in the Tring Museum sent by Mr. A. S. Meek from the Admiralty Islands, Dampier and Vulcan Islands. – Novitates Zoologicae 22 (3): 387-402.