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The Bagworm Moths (Lepidoptera: Psychidae) of Papua Indonesia

by Thomas Sobczyk





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Acanthopsyche corusca (m)
Acanthopsyche perlucida (m)
Acanthopsyche simulata (m)
Acanthopsyche wandammensis (m)
Pseudoclania dinawaensis (m)
Pseudoclania fragilis (m)
Pseudoclania incana (m)
Chalioides perspicua (m)
Chalioides translucida (m)
Amatissa fuscescens (m)
Amatissa papuana (m)
Amatissa sentaniensis (m)
Claniades ekeikei (m)
Dappula tertia (m)
Eumeta fenestrella (m)
Eumeta variegata (m)
Eumeta layardii (m)
Eumeta meraukensis (m)
Hyalinaria fuscibasis (m)
Hyalinaria nigrobasis (m)
Metura aristocosma (m)
Narycia negligata (m)
Pseudarbela aurea (m)
Pseudarbela papuana (m)
Pseudarbela celaena (m)
unknown subfamily      
Apoecis anholoxantha (m)
Apoecis stenomorpha (m)

update on 20th August 2020