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The Pygmy Grasshoppers (Orthoptera: Tetrigidae) of Papua Indonesia

by Josef Tumbrinck

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Pygmy grasshoppers (family Tetrigidae), an old lineage of Triassic origin, are one of the most diverse living Orthoptera groups, with more than 2000 species described to date (Cigliano et al. 2019). The highest concentration of species is found in tropical regions, but there are representatives in all biogeographical realms, from taiga to tropical rainforests, exception being Antarctica and New Zealand (Tumbrinck 2014a). Pygmy grasshoppers can be easily recognized by their small body size (usually smaller than 1.5 cm), their pronotum being extended covering the abdomen, lack of tympana, lack of arolium between the claws, the tarsal formula being 2-2-3 and first thoracic sternum modified into a collar-like structure called sternomentum.
The island of New Guinea including its adjacent satellite islands like Waigeo and Yapen has a very diverse pygmy grasshopper fauna. Species inhabiting this region show an extremely large variability of morphological structures like antennae, head, palpi, pronotum, legs andabdomen as well as a high number of endemic taxa.

Listed Papua species: 146 [50 endemic species for Papua Indonesia]


Bufonides Bolívar, 1898

antennatus Bolívar, 1898 [endemic in PNG]

sellatus Hinton, 1940 [endemic]

uvarovi Hinton, 1940 [endemic in PNG]

Palaioscaria Günther, 1936

calosoma (Günther, 1934) [endemic in New Guinea]
intermedia Willemse, 1961

frenata Günther, 1938 [endemic in PNG]
burgersi Günther, 1938

gressitti Tumbrinck, 2015 [endemic]

karimuiensis Tumbrinck, 2015 [endemic in PNG]

sedlaceki Tumbrinck, 2015 [endemic in PNG]

serena Günther, 1938 [endemic]

starmountainsis Tumbrinck, 2015 [endemic]

telnovi Tumbrinck, 2015 [endemic in PNG]

Wiemersiella Tumbrinck, 2014

highlandensis Tumbrinck, 2014 [endemic in PNG]

morobensis Tumbrinck, 2014 [endemic in PNG]



Boczkitettix Tumbrinck, 2014

manokwariensis Tumbrinck, 2014 [endemic]

Cladonotella Hancock, 1909

beccarii (Bolívar, 1898) [endemic]
insulana Willemse, 1961

riedeli Tumbrinck, 2015 [endemic]

Devriesetettix Tumbrinck, 2014

dorreus (Hancock, 1909) [endemic]

Dolatettix Hancock, 1906

hochkirchi Hancock, 1906 [endemic in PNG]

lehmanni Hancock, 1906 [endemic in PNG]

spinifrons Hancock, 1906 [endemic in PNG]

Epitettix Hancock, 1906

emarginatus (De Haan, 1842) [endemic in New Guinea]

fatigans Günther, 1938 [endemic in PNG]

humilicolus Günther, 1938 [endemic in PNG]

lativertex (Günther, 1938) [endemic in PNG]

tumidus Günther, 1938 [endemic in PNG]

Gestroana Berg, 1898

bayerriversiensis Tumbrinck, 2015 [endemic in PNG]

bicristulata (Günther, 1938) [endemic in PNG]

cyclopensis Tumbrinck, 2015 [endemic]

discoidea (Bolívar, 1898) [endemic in PNG]

flasbarthi Tumbrinck, 2015 [endemic in PNG]

gressitti Tumbrinck, 2015 [endemic in PNG]

karimuiensis Tumbrinck, 2015 [endemic in PNG]

kleukersi Tumbrinck, 2015 [endemic]

moanemaniensis Tumbrinck, 2015 [endemic]

morobensis Tumbrinck, 2015 [endemic in PNG]

mounthagensis Tumbrinck, 2015 [endemic in PNG]

pannosa Tumbrinck, 2015 [endemic in PNG]

sedlaceki Tumbrinck, 2015 [endemic in PNG]

tumbrincki Tan, Storozhenko & Robillard, 2016 [endemic in PNG]

willemsei Tumbrinck, 2015 [endemic]

yapenensis Tumbrinck, 2015 [endemic]

Holoarcus Hancock, 1909

arcuatus (De Haan, 1842) [endemic]
granulatum (Costa, 1865)

belingae (Günther, 1929) [endemic in PNG]

ferwillemsei Tumbrinck, 2014 [endemic]
truncatus (Willemse, 1932)

intermedius (Günther, 1929) [endemic]

truncatus (Günther, 1929) [endemic]

Ichikawatettix Tumbrinck, 2014

detzeli Tumbrinck, 2014 [endemic]

exsertus Günther, 1938 [endemic in PNG]

kleinertae Tumbrinck, 2014 [endemic]

Ingrischitettix Tumbrinck, 2014

mountalbilalaensis Tumbrinck, 2014 [endemic in PNG]

Planotettix Tumbrinck, 2014

astrolabebayensis Tumbrinck, 2014 [endemic in PNG]

biroi Tumbrinck, 2014 [endemic in PNG]

buergersi Tumbrinck, 2014 [endemic in PNG]

cyclopensis Tumbrinck, 2014 [endemic]

fartmanni Tumbrinck, 2014 [endemic in PNG]

karubakensis Tumbrinck, 2014 [endemic]

maai Tumbrinck, 2014 [endemic in PNG]

mountbaduriensis Tumbrinck, 2014 [endemic]

planus Tumbrinck, 2014 [endemic in PNG]

riedei Tumbrinck, 2014 [endemic in PNG]

Pseudohyboella Günther, 1938

weylandiana Günther, 1938 [endemic]

Willemsetettix Tumbrinck, 2014

laeensis Tumbrinck, 2014 [endemic in PNG]

missai Tumbrinck, 2014 [endemic in PNG]

oriomoensis Tumbrinck, 2014 [endemic in PNG]

wauensis Tumbrinck, 2014 [endemic in PNG]

willemsei Tumbrinck, 2014 [endemic]


Amphinotulus Günther, 1939

cheesmanae (Günther, 1938) [endemic in PNG]
kokodensis (Günther, 1938)

truncatus (Bolívar, 1898) [endemic in New Guinea]

Amphinotus Günther, 1939

grandis Günther, 1938 [endemic in PNG]

Camelotettix Hancock, 1907

curvinotus Hancock, 1907 [endemic in New Guinea]

steini Günther, 1938 [endemic]

Melainotettix Günther, 1939

buergersi (Günther, 1938) [endemic in PNG]

gibbosus (Bolívar, 1898) [endemic in New Guinea]

rammei (Günther, 1938) [endemic in New Guinea]

reductus (Günther, 1936) [endemic]

schlaginhaufeni (Günther, 1934) [endemic in PNG]

Ophiotettix Walker, 1871

amberiana Tumbrinck & Skejo, 2017 [endemic]

bewana Tumbrinck & Skejo, 2017 [endemic in PNG]

bomberaiensis Tumbrinck & Skejo, 2017 [endemic]

brevicollis Tumbrinck & Skejo, 2017 [endemic in PNG]

buergersi Bolívar, 1929 [endemic in PNG]

cheesmanae Tumbrinck & Skejo, 2017 [endemic]

cygnicollis Walker, 1871 [endemic]

depressa Tumbrinck & Skejo, 2017 [endemic in PNG]

filiforma Tumbrinck & Skejo, 2017 [endemic in New Guinea]

flyriveriensis Tumbrinck & Skejo, 2017 [endemic in PNG]

fritzpahli Tumbrinck & Skejo, 2017 [endemic]

hansscholteni Tumbrinck & Skejo, 2017 [endemic in PNG]

imbiana Tumbrinck & Skejo, 2017 [endemic in PNG]

kaitani Tumbrinck & Skejo, 2017 [endemic in PNG]

karimuiensis Tumbrinck & Skejo, 2017 [endemic in PNG]

katharinae Tumbrinck & Skejo, 2017 [endemic in PNG]

limosina (Van Vollenhoven, 1865) [endemic]

lorentzi Bolívar, 1929 [endemic]

luce Tumbrinck & Skejo, 2017 [endemic]

meggy Tumbrinck & Skejo, 2017 [endemic in PNG]

modesta Bolívar, 1929 [endemic in PNG]

mountnokensis Tumbrinck & Skejo, 2017 [endemic]

parvicollis Tumbrinck & Skejo, 2017 [endemic in PNG]

projecta Tumbrinck & Skejo, 2017 [endemic in PNG]

pulcherrima Tumbrinck & Skejo, 2017 [endemic]

pushkari Tumbrinck & Skejo, 2017 [endemic]

quateorum Tumbrinck & Skejo, 2017 [endemic]

rebrinae Tumbrinck & Skejo, 2017 [endemic]

roesleri Tumbrinck & Skejo, 2017 [endemic]

rohwedderi Tumbrinck & Skejo, 2017 [endemic in PNG]

sanguinea Tumbrinck & Skejo, 2017 [endemic]

schapinae Tumbrinck & Skejo, 2017 [endemic]

scolopax Bolívar, 1929 [endemic]

stallei Tumbrinck & Skejo, 2017 [endemic in PNG]

storozhenkoi Tumbrinck & Skejo, 2017 [endemic]

subbrevicollis Tumbrinck & Skejo, 2017 [endemic in PNG]

telefominensis Tumbrinck & Skejo, 2017 [endemic in PNG]

tenuis Tumbrinck & Skejo, 2017 [endemic]

toxopei Tumbrinck & Skejo, 2017 [endemic]

westwoodi Bolívar, 1929 [endemic in New Guinea]

Pseudoparatettix Günther, 1937

comes Günther, 1938 [endemic in PNG]

difficilis (Günther, 1936) [endemic in New Guinea]

gentilis Günther, 1936 [endemic]

Synalibas Günther, 1939

montistafae (Günther, 1938) [endemic in PNG]

Systolederus Bolívar, 1887

affinis Günther, 1936


Eucriotettix Hebard, 1929

aptus (Bolívar, 1898) [endemic in New Guinea]

molestus Günther, 1938 [endemic in PNG]

peregrinus Günther, 1938 [endemic in PNG]

superfluus (Günther, 1936) [endemic]

tenuis (Günther, 1936) [endemic in New Guinea]

Loxilobus Hancock, 1904

angulatus (Hancock, 1909) [endemic in New Guinea]

desiderius Günther, 1938 [endemic in PNG]

Scelimena Serville, 1838

eremita (Günther, 1938) [endemic in PNG]

novaeguineae (Bolívar, 1898) [endemic in New Guinea]

Tegotettix Hancock, 1913

novaeguineae Günther, 1938 [endemic in New Guinea]

Thoradonta Hancock, 1909

novaeguineae Günther, 1938 [endemic in PNG]


Ergatettix Kirby, 1914

novaeguineae (Bolívar, 1898) [endemic in PNG]

Euparatettix Hancock, 1904

personatus (Bolívar, 1887)

tricarinatus (Bolívar, 1887)

Lamellitettigodes Günther, 1939

cultratus (Bolívar, 1898) [endemic in New Guinea]

novaeguineae Tumbrinck, 2019 [endemic in PNG]

sagittatus (Bolívar, 1887)

Paratettix Bolívar, 1887

amplus Sjöstedt, 1921

femoralis Günther, 1938 [Australia and PNG]

nigrescens Sjöstedt, 1921
infelix Günther, 1938
vexator Günther, 1938

tumidus Günther, 1938 [endemic in PNG]


last update on 8th February 2023


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